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In search of psychotherapy we also devote space and time to ourselves for change, growth, support, and anything else we may need. We give ourselves the opportunity to recognize and manage everything that prevents us from living our lives the way we want.

Everything starts from within us- from our attitude and perception towards life’s situations. Sometimes, our personal issues make us feel unable to manage our difficulties and that our efforts have reached a dead end. It is important to have people in our lives to whom we can refer when we need help and these people are usually our family or our friends.

We sometimes feel however, that we do not want to burden our family or friends with our problems. Sometimes, the difficulties we experience are related to our family and friends and that is why we need an alternative and a more objective point of view.

Psychotherapy is a rehearsal for real life. Through the psychotherapeutic process we learn more about ourselves, about our relationships, about our lives and discover alternative ways of managing the situations we are experiencing.







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Licensed Psychologist with a specialization in the field of Clinical Psychology

Stephanie Georgiou | Clinical Psychologist

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